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Adnyq Featured promotes only 1 website just below the search bar on every every platforms of Adnyq. It aims to catch the eyeballs of potential business customers directly and hence generate traffic, conversions and acquire customers.


Why promote with Adnyq Featured

Adnyq is built on the foundation of providing safe, secure & private search experiences to Businesses to help them access legitimate business information effortlessly. We follow very strict policies over Indexing of webpages, URLs and other content and thus when Adnyq is promoting 5 Websites under the banner of Featured, your website can make the best of trust Adnyq has.
Upon promoting your website under Adnyq Featured, your website will gain enormous legitimate traffic and thus this increases the chance of acquiring customers at very low cost. Your website will attract the eyeballs of your potential customers as the list of Adnyq Featured consists of only 5 websites.
With our efforts like Business Information Consulting Service, marketing services like Adnyq Newsletter and other efforts, we generate leads & deals for your business and thus increasing the chance of creating conversions for your website. You will find all these arranged in a very easily accessible account in Adnyq Marketing Console.
You won't be loosing tons of advertising dollars on generating each lead, deal & conversion. But you simply pay a very fixed price for promoting your website under the banner of Adnyq Featured. Thus, we help you cut costs on Traffic & Customer Acquisition and further price-related metrics.
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